New Wave Group Co., Ltd.

The company

The goal of New Wave Group Co., Ltd. is to develop innovative products in the field of refueling technology, which aim to take the effectiveness and service quality of domestic and international fuel retail networks to a new level and offer a unique, new user experience.

The software and hardware development of iGas technology began in 2012 and the first prototype was finished by May, 2015. The assembly of the first fuel dispenser unit, ready for series production, will be done by the spring of 2016, and later in the second half of the year, the manufacturing process can officially begin.

Our staff is made up by a team of highly trained experts, whose theoretical knowledge and practical skills ensures successful and effective work. Thanks to careful employee recruitment, the development process is supported by a friendly, creative atmosphere.

Our company takes its social responsibility very seriously. It is very important for us that our business success corresponds not only with the interests of our partners, suppliers and employees but also with the requirements of our society and environment. For this reason, some products of iGas refueling technology will be able to use alternative fuels as well.

Our successes

In 2015 we promoted the prototype of iGas Refueling-dispenser unit at two major Chinese exhibitions: the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo in Ningbo and the China International Auto Products Expo in Shanghai. The development attracted great interest among the Chinese audience at both exhibitions. In Ningbo Li Qiang, governor of Zhejiang Province – a province that is home for almost 55 million people – and Dr. Szabó László, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade have also visited our exhibition booth and congratulated for the technology. At both exhibitions Xinhua Wang – the biggest news agency in China – has interviewed us about the iGas refueling station and the goals of our company. The interviews were published in several local newspapers and also appeared on Youku, the Chinese version of Youtube.