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iGes e-Mini S

Please use our color configuration options to design your own iGes e-Mini S electric vehicle charger.

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Our latest innovation, the iGes e-Mini S electric vehicle charging station offers a cost and space-saving solution, which fully complies with relevant safety regulations, requires minimal maintenance and operates in a highly cost-effective way. This new charging station is equipped with Type1 and Type2 charging connectors, but it is also capable of recharging vehicles that have their own charging cables. The full recharge of the electric cars – based on the parameters of the battery – can be done in 1 to 6 hours. We have designed the machine to be vandal-proof, this means that it does not have any parts that can be cut down or taken out. The touchscreen of the charging station is showing advertisements both in standby mode and also during use.

Benefits of the iGes e-Mini S electric vehicle charging station:
  • 7-9” solar panel,
  • NFC card reader, user recognition,
  • charges up to 80% within 0,5 - 3 hours,
  • built-in Type1 and Type2 charging sockets or charging plugs with cable,
  • AC power input: 3x400 VAC,
  • AC power output: three phase 22kW or three phase 2x22kW
  • monitoring of the charging status, user notification via mobile application,
  • Wi-Fi hotspot.