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iGes e-One

Please use our color configuration options to design your own iGes e-One electric vehicle charger.

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During the development process of e-One, our main goal was not only to adhere to the safety regulations and standards, but to create a cost efficient construction as well. Thanks to the stainless steel house and plastic front panel, the unit is built to be vandal proof, and can be used outdoors, too. The unit also requires minimal maintenance, and can easily be mounted on the walls of car parks or can be delivered with a stand-alone frame.
Our AC charging system is able to provide electricity for two vehichles with 2x22kW power supply. Despite its small size, depending on the capacity of the battery pack, the system allows for an 80% recharge of the vehicle in 1-3 hours.
Our refuelling station can be custom-ordered with Type1, Type2 or GB/T charging plug, as well as with Type2 or GB/T charging socket. The system is equipped with an integrated NFC reader for the charging authorization process. The built-in RGB LED panel provides feedback regarding the recharging status.

Benefits of the iGes e-One electric vehicle charging station:
  • vandal proof exterior design,
  • cost-efficient construction,
  • built-in NFC card reader,
  • user identification,
  • wall mount or stand-alone design,
  • up to 2x22 kW charging power,
  • charges up to 80% within 1 - 3 hours,
  • optional energy management,
  • optional verified energy meter.