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Automatic & interactive

iGas technology

The iGas fuel dispenser unit is an automated gas station, which uses unique new technology to communicate with the customers through LCD touchscreens, thus making the refueling process faster and more convenient.

The screens are equipped with sensors and cameras to recognize the gender, age, car type and license plate number of the customers; this offers exceptionally effective marketing and sales opportunities. Furthermore, in addition to showing personalized advertisements, the unit’s screen is also able to imitate the design (color, font, pictures) of the product or service shown in the advertisement.

This technology relies on a fully automatic system, which eliminates the necessity for any human resource and can be operational non-stop, moreover, with the help of its special multimedia equipment, even more profit can be generated.

The system keeps statistics about the car type, gender and age of the customers, which is a great advantage for the gas station company, with respect to determining marketing and development goals for the future.

Carefully keeping the demands of the industry in mind, we ensure our partners to use only the highest quality raw materials.

To meet all the possible needs, our products will be manufactured in a wide variety, such as simple-, duplex and multiproduct dispensers with- or without retractable gas hose, capable of providing ordinary and also alternative fuel, depending on the customer requirements.

Benefits of the iGas technology

Benefits for the customers

  • quick, simple refueling process,
  • cheaper fuel prices,
  • unique user experience,
  • user profile and user recognition,
  • several payment options.

Benefits for the gas station companies

  • cost-effective maintenance,
  • low installation cost,
  • very small area required,
  • effective advertisement, which generates more revenue,
  • 24-hour record of every customer,
  • computerized system, easy operation.

Benefits for the companies advertising on iGas gas stations

  • effective and innovative advertising space,
  • continuous, reliable statistics about customers and purchases, as well as about the efficiency of advertising campaigns,
  • perfectly positioned advertisements.